Why Measure 1 Isn't the Solution

Measure 1 Will Destroy Our Improvements Before They Can Start

Tacoma recently took significant steps to protect tenants, by increasing notices for rent hikes, standardizing tenant screenings to prevent discrimination, and placing caps on security deposits and pet and late fees.

It’s crucial that we allow these measures to take effect and that we observe their impact and make informed decisions based on real-world outcomes.

Rushing into Measure 1, with its potential unintended consequences — like unanticipated costs to taxpayers and harm to tenants resulting from the inability to evict squatters or problem tenants — will undermine the improvements we’re already making toward balanced, fair housing policies.

What would go wrong?

Measure 1 would hinder swift action against problem tenants and squatters, posing risks to community safety, cleanliness, and overall livability.

Enforcing Measure 1 will lead to significant financial strain on taxpayers. The need for an expanded bureaucracy as well as potential legal complications could burden Tacoma’s residents financially.

Implementing Measure 1 would disrupt the balance in housing dynamics within our community, potentially affecting housing availability and affordability when we are already experiencing a housing crisis.

On July 23, 2023, Tacoma enacted progressive tenant protections:

  • Mandatory 4 months’ notice before any rent increase
  • Capped move-in and late fees
  • Capped pet breed restrictions and fees

Let's allow these changes to work!


Vote NO on Measure 1 and Give Tacoma's Tenant Protections a Chance!

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